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    WTF? (2.0)

    By on February 12, 2014 in See It Here, The Way I See It, Writing

    CNN Headline News is going non-stop with the George Zimmerman trial (and I’m wondering if I should capitalize the “t” in Trial?). CNN is doing the same thing as is MSNBC and, even Fox News.

    BTW, Fox News has actually been doing news other than this from time to time for which I applaud them.

    Let’s look at the “in other news today” category:

    President Morsi in Egypt is in a pissing contest with everyone, including his army and thousands are in Thrill Square. Egypt is an ally of the US so we’ve got a dog in this fight.
    The heat wave continues in the west coast and Arizona is dealing with a wildfire that–as of Tuesday night–isn’t even 50% contained because of high winds.
    Congress didn’t find a solution to the student loan bill so any new loan is going to have an interest rate twice as much as those of existing student loans.
    As of Wednesday, the Obama White House is delaying a key part of the Affordable Care Act so we’ll see–literally–what the lazy TV suits decide to air. I’m not beiing on brains in this case.

    Yes, Zimmerman is a reflection of race and guns in America. But it’s not the jury handing a verdict–it’s the back and forth of defense and prosecution as to whether this is an etc of self defense or a would-be cop white guy not liking a black kid? But non stop coverage? It’s cheap to do and that gives all the reporters a long weekend.

    And when that happens, non-news wins. We’re better than this.

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