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    Zero Tolerance (zero brains)

    By on June 18, 2018 in See It Here

    President Trump says there is a “Zero Tolerance” policy regarding immigrants trying to enter the United States illegally with children. In a sentence, it is separating the children from their parents while the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents begin paperwork to ensure they aren’t part of MS-13 or ISIS or a potential Democrat. OK, I made up the part about MS-13.

    The White House says this tough stand is in place to ensure others seeking to enter the United States won’t try to do it illegally. As we know, potential immigrants use Twitter, so they know what they face.

    Nowhere in this Zero Tolerance is there any mention of those who have come to our shores as a result of harsh conditions in the country where they have been living. It’s called “seeking asylum.” It’s part of–here’s that phrase again–“who we are.”

    The President can talk tough. And when challenged about a possible element of stupidity in his words or policy, the response is always the same: It’s the Democrats fault.

    I’ve seen this play before. And I can tell you, Mr. President, this isn’t playing very well.

    Pointing fingers is never a solution….even in making a deal.

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